Saint Mark

United Methodist Church
2367 Washington Rd
Augusta Ga 30904


Summer Schedule
9:30AM Worship
10:45AM Sunday School


Wedding Services

We believe that marriage is a holy and honorable estate and are reminded by the Word of God that it should not be entered into lightly. A Christian marriage ceremony is more than a civil pageant. It is a worship service and it is important that it express true Christian faith. It is our desire to offer support and guidance to make the occasion beautiful and meaningful.

Reservations for weddings are made through the Church Office and a copy of the policies will be given to the bride-to-be. She is responsible for explaining these policies to the photographer, florist, caterer, and any other persons involved. Alcohol of any kind is not permitted on the church property at any time. Smoking is not allowed inside the buildings.

If the wedding is to be performed by our minister, the bride needs to contact the minister so that he will reserve that date. Pre-marital counseling is required. If an outside minister is to be used, our minister should issue an invitation to the guest minister.

The Board of Trustees requires that the person making the reservations accept full responsibility for any damages to church property, complete all forms, and sign a liability agreement on behalf of all wedding participants and guests.